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Richard Harper

I was saved at the age of eight and called to preach at the age of thirteen. In 1981 I went to Tennessee Temple University excited about preparing to serve the Lord. Soon, however, I found myself following a secular career rather than focusing on serving God. Even during this time of backsliding, God was preparing me for His service by giving me leadership and training opportunities. In 1994, after a personal rededication, I began attending Ambassador Baptist College. During this time the Lord allowed me to serve as assistant pastor of a local church and to maintain an active pulpit ministry. My consuming desire is that I will remain a focused and faithful servant for God to use.


Kimberly Harper

I grew up in a pastor’s home and received Jesus Christ as my personal Savior at the age of seven. At an early age, I surrendered my life to God. It was through His guidance that I made life’s most important decision. In my desire to serve Him in whatever way He chose, I attended Tennessee Temple University in 1983. It was there that God led me to marry Richard, with the desire to serve our Lord together in full-time service. After a period as a lukewarm Christian, my husband and I rededicated ourselves to the cause of Christ and surrendered to His will. His leading brought us to Ambassador Baptist College for preparation in the field of service that God has called us into full-time evangelism.

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