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Pastor Calvary Baptist Church King, NC


Pastor Kevin Broyhill

     “I am honored to be able to recommend to you the ministry of Evangelist Richard Harper. As their pastor, I can honestly say that Bro. Harper and his dear wife Kimberly are choice servants of the Lord. Our church family has been impressed with their genuine love for Christ and passion for ministry. 

     Over the course of the last 19 years, Brother Harper and his family have sought to be a blessing to pastors and churches both in America and on the foreign field. Brother Harper’s command of the Scriptures and powerful delivery in his preaching has been used of God on more than one occasion to impact the lives of our church family in a powerful way. It is evident that the hand of God is on his life and preaching. Only eternity will reveal the number souls that have been saved and lives changed through his evangelistic ministry.

     As a fellow pastor, I can assure you that Brother Harper will be a great help to you and your people. His approach to evangelistic ministry is both biblical and refreshing. I encourage you to prayerfully consider inviting Bro. Harper for a week of revival meetings. I do not believe that you will be disappointed.”


Pastor Emeritus, Maranatha Baptist Church, Yorktown, VA

     “It is been our privilege to have had Evangelist Richard Harper on several occasions for revival meetings over the past few years. Our church always looks forward to his ministry and he has proven to be a great blessing and encouragement to me as a pastor. He is a Bible preacher; a Bible preacher who preaches with power and compassion, seemingly a vanishing combination in our day. Our church family has always been helped and challenged through Brother Harper’s ministry; some of our best meetings have been those conducted by him.  His wife, Kimberly, and daughter, Charity, are certainly assets to his ministry as well. I heartily recommend Brother Harper and his family to any pastor who is in need of an evangelist who will be faithful to the Scriptures, exalt the Lord Jesus Christ, and edify the local church.” 

Pastor Dale Coffey


Evangelist, Chancellor Ambassador Baptist College

“It is evident to me that Richard has the gift of an evangelist. I can strongly recommend him for his Christian character, his godly helpmeet, his exemplary testimony, and his ability to communicate the Word.”

Dr. Ron Comfort


Veteran Missionary

"Brother Harper has an evangelistic fervor and a genuine zeal in preaching the Word. There is a real need today for men gifted as evangelists and I do believe that Richard is one of those men."

Dr. Ron White

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