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Explore Israel

Find all your trip details here. Check back regularly for updated information and to submit any questions you might have regarding your trip.



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At the end of the tour day, when the bus brings us to our hotel, what are we required to do?  Are we all eating together? Waiting to pray and eat as a group ? Is there a church service/devotions each night? etc!

Once we get back to the hotel, you will need to eat dinner (But you are not required to!). You have no real requirements once we get off of the bus at the hotel! If you are tired, just want to relax, or just be alone you are MORE than welcome to do that.  Since the evening meal is a buffet, just make sure you eat before they shut it down.  Since everyone in our group is saved and has personal access to the Throne, you can pray before you eat and eat with any person or group of people that you want! There will be a COMPLETELY OPTIONAL devotion each night.  There are over 10 preachers going on this trip and so we will gather for a devotion each night focusing on something we saw that day.  You do not have to come to the devotion and NO ONE will think that you are "Unspiritual" if you want to rest in your room, or by the pool etc instead of attending devotions.  The days will include a lot of walking and we will be busy so you judge what you want to do once we get back to the hotel!

How may are going on the trip?

Right now, we have 47 registered and another 6 that plan to register in the next week or so.  There is another 10 that are planning to go, but for some reason have not registered.  My original plan was to limit the trip to 59 (The largest vehicle they use at Journeys) but there is some information I have gotten and some advice from Cathy.  If we take 65 (Hypothetical Number!) that would put us in two 35 passenger vehicles with two tour guides.  The trip does not change, just the drive to locations.  The tour guides will offer the same information on both vehicles so my fears about that have been alleviated.  Also, packing 59 people on a 59 passenger vehicle may start to feel a little crowded after 10 day! So I am fine either way, 53 in a 59 passenger bus or 64 in two vehicles.  Journeys handles multiple vehicle tours all the time.  A friend of mine was there two years ago and the group after his was 5 tour buses large!!  

Should I make hotel reservations or get train or airline tickets in or to NYC (JFK) now?

Make sure whatever reservations you make are cancellable or changeable at no charge!  The information we have all received about flight, airline, and airport is all subject to change!!  Journeys originally "Blocked" (NOT BOOKED) 40 seats and blocked (Again NOT BOOKED) hotel rooms for 40.  Our group is larger than that already.  Cathy is working to make sure that those airlines and hotels can handle 60+.  She is confident, but not positive.  She works closely with the airlines and with the hotels and, of course, there is no problem.  But, if you purchase tickets that get you to NY at a certain time and we end up leaving for Tel Aviv an hour before you get to JFK, that would be a problem! It would be better to wait a few more weeks to book those things.  Remember when I gave you all the links to the hotels and I told you, these MAY be the hotels we are staying in...the same applies to flight information.  Journeys has not paid $100,000 to book seats yet.  I would also hate for you to incur cancellation or change fees because something had to change

Is Israel safe...I keep seeing things on the news?

Journeys Unlimited has taken thousands of trips to Israel and have taken over 30,000 tourists on those trips and they have NEVER experienced or seen a violence on any trip!  I see the news to and I understand the concern, but no one benefits from attacking tourists.  That is why it doesn't happen.  You will feel safe the entire time!

I have Celiac Disease and have to have a gluten free diet.  Will that be available?